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September 2009
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September Weblog

September 24, 2009

EASI recently hosted a series of free webcasts about how to use popular Web accessibility checking software, such as WAVE and the Firefox Accessibility Extension. They have posted both the presentation slides and the recording of each webcast. This will give me a chance to catch the two presentations that I missed (AChecker and the Firefox Accessibility Extension). I attended the WAVE and Cynthia Says webcasts live. Jared Smith included many extra comments during the WAVE webcast presentation that are not reflected in his slides, so I recommend watching that recording to find out more about using the tool. The Cynthia Says slides are fairly comprehensive and offer a stand-alone overview of the tool.

September 10, 2009

I haven't installed a copy yet of Snow Leopard, the recently released Mac operating system update, because I'm waiting for some of my software to catch-up with the release. However, I'm looking forward to the accessibility updates. There are many improvements for Web browsing. Here are highlights of the new capabilities:

Plus, Apple offers other capabilities for visually and hearing impaired users. The built-in Quick Start tutorial or this PCWorld article or this more personal view will provide more details. Enjoy!