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May 2004
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May 14, 2004

The phrase "Learning to Let Go" that I used in my last post from April is appropriate at this point in my career. I recently accepted a new job that involves working with the Web, but not in the same capacity as I did previously. I will not be involved with the Web accessibility community, and I won't be able to regularly update my site. For a while, I'll try to report major accessibility news, but I plan to repurpose my site.

I'll always advocate accessible, usable design. That should be the foundation of every Web site. Soon I'll broaden my site's scope. The Web is increasingly affecting people's lives in new and different ways. Grassroots, academic, and personal initiatives will always exist to help improve and shape the Web, but those efforts often don't reach the people I have in mind. My goal is to educate and influence corporate business leaders as their peer. I want to help ensure that Web sites created by private businesses offer a more usable, accessible environment in which to conduct business, learn, and play. To accomplish this goal, I'll first learn about corporate language, culture, and values. I'm currently applying to attend the University of Kansas's MBA program. I intend to focus on the intersection of Web technology and marketing in business. Getting accepted to the MBA program is the first step on a long journey. Wish me luck.

Congratulations to Nick Finck and the redesign team at Digital Web for the successful launch of the redesigned Digital Web site. Digital Web is an invaluable educational resource for the Web community. Great job, everyone! It's people like these who give me so much hope for the future of the Web.