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April 2002
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April Weblog

April 15, 2002

The American Council of the Blind just released a "Guide to Making Documents Accessible to People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired". It provides tips for the production of various media, including Web, print, and even audio.

April 10, 2002

The feature article for this edition of Digital Web Magazine is entitled "Accessible by Design". It approaches Web accessibility from more of a designer's perspective and lists different basic things Web designers can do to make their Web pages more accessible.

April 7, 2002

The article "E-Learning: Building the Ramp for Equal Access" may be marketing material, but it also provides useful background material about US Section 508 guidelines and accessibility, in general. It even describes the testing that SkillSoft, an online training provider, went through on their way to Section 508 compliance and listed their top three lessons learned.

April 3, 2002

In the current edition of Digital Web Magazine, they reviewed UsableNet's Lift. It's a set of accessibility extensions for Macromedia's Dreamweaver.

April 2, 2002

The article, "Creating Web pages that are accessible to the disabled is good business", is a general, awareness-level article focused on Web accessibility from a (private) corporate perspective. It's always nice to see some more good publicity on the subject.

April 1, 2002

Tomorrow, residents of Glendale, CO, will vote using a new electronic voting system. The accessibility features built into it are particularly interesting. It includes features such as a ballot reader and an interface for breath control ("sip-and-puff") devices.