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October 2001
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October Weblog

October 31, 2001

In How to Complain to a Webmaster, Kynn Bartlett tells how to convey your concerns about a site's inaccessibility in a way that will more likely get results.

The First Closed-Captioned Web Conferencing capabilities are now available.

People like Linda Marcotte are one of many reasons why we should make the Web more accessible.

October 30, 2001

Transcript of the Webcast Moving from Accessibility to Universal Access – Bridging Today’s Techniques and Tomorrow’s Webs, presented by Cory Knobel, of the Optavia Corporation. However, you must register (for free) with the site to access it.

October 22, 2001

Web usability and accessibility on federal sites, such as the Environmental Protection Agency's and White House's sites, are critiqued. It brings up the overlap between Web usability and accessibility.

Pictures from the Interagency Disability Educational Awareness Showcase earlier this month in Washington, DC. Now you can match up some faces with names you might have heard.

October 20, 2001

Last day of the 19th Annual Closing The Gap Conference in Bloomington, MN

October 17, 2001

Excellent overview and history of the Web accessibility movement in both the federal and corporate sectors, as well as common sense reasons why you should integrate accessibility.

October 16, 2001

The 4th Annual Accessibility Internet Rally for Austin is a competition in which teams of local Austin, TX Web professionals create customized, fully accessible Web sites in only eight hours.

October 11, 2001

Government agencies depend on SSB Technologies for Section 508 Compliance. I just hope they don't limit their sites' accessibility with a software-only solution.

October 10, 2001

Linux desktop, Gnome, has accessibility built in and makes it easy to integrate assistive technology with software

October 9, 2001

IBM's voice recognition software on pocket PCs will help make that technology more usable for everyone

October 3, 2001

Positive reactions from the private sector towards Section 508 may help make universal accessibility a reality sooner than otherwise expected

Last day of the IDEAS (Interagency Disability Educational Awareness Showcase) 2001 Conference in Washington, DC

October 2, 2001

UsableNet launches LIFT Online to test for Section 508 compliance of live sites; although it's not free, you can get a free 5-page test to try it out

October 1, 2001

How We Work to Make the Web Speak, written by Susie Christensen who leads the Webcenter at the Danish National Library for the Blind, provides inspiration, general accessibility information, and a European perspective on the subject

Making Telecommunications Products and Services Accessible to People with Disabilities Web Cast (with real time captioning), presented by ITTATC (Information Technology Technical Assistance & Training Center), aired from 1-3 PM (EDT)