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September 2001
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September Weblog

September 30, 2001

Last day of the World Congress & Exposition on Disabilities (WCD) Conference

September 28, 2001

iCan!-- an online community for people with disabilities-- announced their agreement with AOL to Deliver News, Information and Resources for People with Disabilities

September 26, 2001

ZDNet article on Section 508 accessibility highlights the curious point that corporations seem to be as interested (if not more so) in compliance as Federal entities

EU's (European Union) eEurope Action Plan includes a campaign to adopt accessibile Web design and structural guidelines

Are You Designing For Your Eyes Only? provides recommendations on ways to achieve the "Holy Grail" of Web design-- accessible, usable Flash content

September 25, 2001

CNet usability article brings up the issue of user-centered design-- an essential when designing for those using assistive technology!

September 24, 2001

Microsoft partnered with HiSoftware to provide a free copy of AccVerify(TM) SE Web accessibility tool to users of Microsoft FrontPage(R)

September 21, 2001

Helping the Disabled mentions some forms of assistive technology that may be used in the workplace

September 19, 2001

NASIRE (National Association of State Information Resource Executives) recognized the state of North Carolina's NC Classes On-line classes with a 2001 Outstanding Achievement in Accessibility in the Field of Information Technology of state government

Mexico Unveils Disability Rights Program to provide equal access to information, public buildings, and public transportation. But will it be enforced?

September 18, 2001

Adding form labels to online forms helps you meet Section 508, Subpart B, § 1194.22 (n) and enhances the overall usability of a page.